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15 October 2020

Tysma | Lems is business supporter of a Trillion Trees!

Well, we will not literally support all the trillion trees... but recently we have become a business supporter of the World Wide Fund for Nature. And the WWF has set up a "trillion trees" campaign to fight global deforestation.

The Trillion Trees Campaign

Every 2 seconds a football field of forest disappears. As a result, half of the original forests on earth have already been lost. The consequences of this are enormous, for the animals that live there, but also for us. And while you’ve read these 3 sentences, 6 football fields disappeared again!

The goal

The aim of the WWF project is to protect or plant a trillion trees by 2050. Specifically:

  • Creating better living conditions for 470 billion existing trees.
  • Planting 360 billion new trees.
  • Protecting 170 billion trees against deforestation.

Why we’ve become a business partner of The Trillion Trees project

Part of Tysma | Lems Corporate Social Responsibility program is to contribute to programs and initiatives which can improve the condition of our planet as a whole and create an atmosphere which hopefully result in happy and satisfied stakeholders. The Trillion Trees project of WWF is such an initiative. It not only tries to repairs what has been locally damaged, but it also tries to reduce the negative impact of a shrinking rainforest for the globe as a whole.

Proud Business Supporter

We are proud to be a Business Supporter of the WWF and hope to inspire more people to support comparable initiatives! More information on the project can be found here, or for Dutchies on this website.

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