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05 November 2020

What to do in... North-Italy: take a seat on a Big Bench

During one of our trips to Italy, we discovered a Big Red Bench, overlooking a beautiful landscape. And there appeared to be more benches, just like this one! An absolute recommendation when you are traveling to the northern part of Italy. Let us tell you more aboute the project and where to find the big benches.

What is the big bench community project?

The Big Bench Community project (BBCP) is an initiative, to support local enterprise, tourism and craftsmanship in several towns in Italy. Chris Bangle started the project in 2010 on the Borgata grounds in Clavesana, but now the BBCP is a non profit initiative with more than 120 Big Benches throughout northern Italy. 

As if you were a child again

The BBCP started as a project amongst friends and neighbours, and now it is winning the hearts and passion of many people, that otherwise would probably not have imagined looking at the Italian mountains and vineyards sitting on an out-of-scale piece of outdoor furniture.

The Giant Benches are often first seen in photographs, but once you sit on one of them you get the feeling of enjoying the view “as if you were a child again”. You experience an intense feeling to be shared with others. The benches are made to relax on and instead of an armchair it is large enough to share with one or more friends.

Locations of the Giant Benches

Over the last years more official benches have been built for locals and tourists. The only conditions for the locations of the benches was that they be placed in a scenic position, on land accessible to the public, and that they respect the social spirit that gave birth to the original bench: not a private installation, but rather part of a collective experience that anyone coming to this region can share end experience.

Most of the Benches can be found in the region Piedmont, but some other locations include:

  • Tuscany
  • Lombardy
  • Liguria
  • EmiliaRomagna
  • Basilicata

More about the BBCP

Do you want to learn more about the Big Bench Community Project? Read about it on their website or contact us! We'll let you know how we found our bench and if it was comfortable to sit on:). 

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