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Working or living abroad almost always entails having to deal with a tax system you are not used to or familiar with. One of the most common and daunting prospects is perhaps having to submit an annual tax return. You might have questions along the lines of ‘Do I need to submit a tax return?’, ‘What will be taxed?’, ‘Which tax rates will be applicable?’

Such questions cannot be answered simply based on past experience. The lack of any international framework means every destination has its own specifics. The only common ground is that most countries will take your worldwide income or earnings as a basis for tax calculations, but beyond that specialist insight is required to take stock of all the specifics, exceptions and your own situation.

Which is why we at Tysma | Lems proceed by first examining your status and situation and—based on your input and checks—put you in touch with our local specialist. This specialist will then guide you and handle all formalities on your behalf, including preparing and submitting your annual tax if and when applicable.

Tysma | Lems specialises in checking whether expats and/or global citizens will be considered to be a taxpayer at their destination(s).

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