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Keen to find a party that will assist you when it comes to understanding property tax rules in various countries as well as any implications for your tax situation in your current country of residence? Then we are the right partner for you.

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Property tax

During your international career you may have had opportunities to invest in some properties abroad. The question is how to deal with ownership of these from a tax perspective. Will they be regarded as an investment or as a source of income? What should be done with the rental income, maintenance costs and management of the properties? Where will the properties be taxed—by the host country or your current country of residence? A lot of questions for such a simple asset, you might well be thinking. The property tax rules are not that complicated and many countries have similar tax structures in place. 


We at Tysma | Lems specialise in the various tax property rules in force around the world, ensuring you are not faced with any nasty surprises.

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