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21 August 2020

Tax Alphabet: A is for 'Aangifte'

In the upcoming weeks, we will be teaching you Dutch tax words! This week, we start with, ofcourse, 'A'. We will be explaining the basics of the matching term, what we think is important but also how Tysma Lems can help you with it. We will try to be serious. But a little humour will get you through it :).

A is for 'Aangifte'

Aangifte means declaration. A noun which means an announcement, often one that is written and official. 

The Dutch tax authorities will formally invite you to submit your annual tax return. In case you for any reason haven't been invited the authorities expect you to do a self-assessment. To check if it's in your case mandatory to file your annual tax return. When you will be invited you have no choice other than prepare and submit your tax return.

In all other cases you need yto check your theshold via a self assessment. In case you need to pay more than EUR 47,- to the tax authorities its your obligation to submit your annual tax return with the 'Nederlandse belastingdienst'. In case you can get a tax refund of more than EUR 16,- it might be wise to claim this refund via submitting your annual tax return. In case you need to pay less than EUR 47,- or can claim less than EUR 16,- there is no need or benefit to submit your tax return.

Want to know more about tax terms?

We will enlighten you. Amaze you. Brace yourself for weird Dutch tax terms! 

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